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The importance of having healthy feet

Caring for the feet-Tips

The feet is probably the last part of the body  we give attention and thought to. In as much as we overlook them when caring for other parts of the body, they make up one of the most important parts of our body with over 26 bones and a very complex framework of muscles and ligaments. They carry your full body weight while trying to provide the necessary balance and support for you to stand upright and walk well

These amount of stress our feet face daily is huge, and when not taken care of, it can lead to massive health issues. These health issues include: cracked skin, unpleasant odor, ingrown nails, fungal infections, dry skin and several others. The reason you should start taking care of the feet right now is because these conditions start manifesting as you advance in age.


Always wear comfortable shoes

It goes without saying that wearing the wrong kind or size of shoes can affect your feet terribly. The discomforting signs are there. When it comes to caring for your feet, a perfectly matched shoe is everything. When the shoes are too tight, they may cause feet swelling, they may cause hammer toes, ingrown toenail and severe pain from blisters. When buying a new pair of shoes, do it later in the day, when your feet are fully stretched. Never shop early in the morning, so gravity has taken its effect and shoes fit more properly, purchase shoes after midday, so some gravity has taken place. Early afternoon sounds like the optimum time to buy a new pair of shoes.

Also remember that not all shoes are good for your feet even when they fit right. For instance, high heels can damage your foot bones when worn too frequently. To this effect, ensure to wear them only when necessary.

Wash your feet properly everyday 

Funny right? Yeah, it might sound funny advising you to wash your feet but simply allowing water to touch your feet isn't exactly washing it. By washing, we mean using soap and sponge to scrub your feet very well. Most people make a habit of skipping their feet when bathing, but it's really important to restrain from that.

The feet is something that is constricted within our shoes all day long. It absorbs moisture and sweat, which gives bacteria room to grow. Failing to wash your feet daily will encourage these microorganisms to grow and multiply. You get smelly feet and unpleasant odor as a result of this.

Use a good feet moisturizing cream

It might sound slightly contradictory telling you to moisturize your feet after having told you it is best to keep your feet dry, but moisturizing your feet is different, isn't it? Your feet go through wear and tear daily, drying and cracking in the process. It is very important to moisturize it at the end of the day.

Beautifly Feet Regenerating cream is a great moisturizer to use. 

If you're having ultra dry skin or scaling skin issues, this wonderful cream can help normalize your skin. You can begin a morning and a nightly routine if your condition is severe.

The product is also recommended for seniors and people with diabetes, since it relieves those unpleasant cracked heels almost instantly.



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