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Points to consider when using makeup removers

Points to consider when using makeup removers

Every woman knows that it's almost traditional to remove their makeup before going to bed. This isn't a problem. The real problem comes when figuring out what the right time is to remove the makeup. It usually isn't as easy as we think, or is it?

Makeup removal requires us to pay attention to one or two important details in order to complete the task successfully. There are certain skincare products that can make the job easier for you of course, like Beautifly ́s Makeup remover and Facial cleaner.

Here are some make-up removal tips to consider.


Pay attention to every part of your face

Before you start your makeup removal process, ensure that your hair isn't in contact with your face. Cover the hair properly to avoid this unwanted contact. Why do you have to do this? So that you can have access to your hairline which is usually forgotten when you're cleaning your face. Also pay attention to the area behind the ear and below the jaw too. Beautifly ́s Makeup remover and facial cleaner is your best ally during your makeup remover routine eliminate all the dead cells and make up in your one step, remember no rinse is necessary.


Handle the area around the eyes with care.

The skin layer around the human eye is relatively more thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the body. To this effect, it is important to be gentle when removing makeup from that side. Any form of rigorous rubbing or tugging can cause damage to the skin on this particular area. The trick here is to use a very good makeup remover that is eye-friendly like Beautifly ́s Makeup Remover and Facial Cleaner. All you need is a simple swipe, and the makeup it's off!


Eye makeup can be ultimately soaked for easier cleaning. 

Granted there are some really good makeup that we apply to the eye which refuses to come off at the end of the day. One good trick to removing this makeup is to try soaking and dissolving them in the makeup remover. Just soak a cotton pad with the makeup remover and place over the eyes for a few seconds. Clean off the stubborn makeup gently after about 20-30 seconds of soaking. 

Have you ever used an earbud for cleaning?

Oh did that sound strange? I'm sure it did. Well, you're probably reading this for the first time. Earbuds can be used as a great multitasking tool for cleaning the eye brow, under the eyeline and along the hairlines. All you need do is to soak the liner in a good eye-friendly makeup remover, like Beautifly’s natural cruelty-free Facial Cleaner.


A small massage around the area is always a good idea

When using some wash-off cleansers, it is usually a very good idea to massage the skin area where the makeup that needs removal is. You can apply gentle circular massage motions around areas like the neck, the face, even around the nose. Just make sure it's a gentle massage and  not a rigorous pressing of the skin. This massage helps enhance circulation, bringing oxygen to the skin surface, which in turn, makes it easier to remove the makeup on this area.

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